Woot! It’s Gov. Sarah “Barracuda” Palin!

| August 29, 2008


[series of updates below]

Palin has been my second choice for GOP VP, after Condoleezza Rice. This is, IMHO, a great move by McCain; what may make it truly brilliant is if McCain makes the “one term and out” pledge at the GOP convention. That way, electing McCain-Palin gives Palin an almost certain shot at the GOP nomination in 2012 — which would probably kill off Hilary Clinton’s chances. It also makes the GOP convention next week actually interesting.


I see that the Left and the MSM (but I repeat myself…) have already started the “no experience” drumbeat on Palin, which is going to backfire. Obama has been a Senator for four years and has no executive experience (unless he really wants to bring up the Bill Ayers connection again); Biden has likewise been a legislator pretty much all his life. Palin has served both on a local government level (something she can point to as a plus, given Obama’s rhetoric last night about being a community activist) and for two years as governor of not only the largest state (geographically), but the only state that borders two foreign countries — one of which is Russia, fer cryin’ out loud. Tell me how much either Obama or Biden have had to deal with Russia on a government-to-government basis.


OK, this just keeps getting better: her nickname as Governor is “Sarah Barracuda”. Apparently she first had that nickname in high school, but it’s come back during her administration because of all the special interest groups and corrupt politicians she’s crushed.


S. Weasel (one of my favorite bloggers and a hell of an artist — yes, she did all those drawings you see on her web site) pretty much sums up my own reaction:

[John McCain] did it. He showed me something. Sarah Palin is distilled essence of awesome.

Lifetime member of the NRA. Flies her own float plane. Eats mooseburgers, kills own moose first. Nickname in high school: Barracuda. Former commercial fisherman. Went to college on money she won in a beauty contest.

Her husband is an Eskimo. Dude. Her husband is an Eskimo.

Her main claim to fame is fighting corruption in her own party — which means she won her elections in defiance of the state Republican party. She’s the one who killed the Bridge to Nowhere. So, yes, this is a sort of maverick-y pick, but in a good way. I’m psyched.

I now have a reason to vote, and a ticket I can get excited about. Haven’t felt that way, oh, since Giuliani cratered.


Craig Ferguson — my favorite late-night talk show host — had this communication from Sarah Palin:

Hat tip to The Jawa Report.

Also some Little Known Facts about Sarah Palin, with a hat tip to Ace of Spades.

[UPDATED 08/30/08 – 1213 MDT]

Jeff Emanuel has a detailed and — IMHO — rather devastating “tale of the tape” comparing Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.  Go read it. (NOTE: the Redstate.com site appears to be currently [8/31, 1550 mdt] down/overloaded.)

In the meantime, Suitably Flip has an interesting graphic regarding the two VP candidates.  ..bruce..

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